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Paid and free platforms to watch movies and series onlineToday, while television has been replaced by platforms such as Netflix, BluTV, and music players instead of streaming services such as Spotify, fizy, we have examined paid-free platforms for you to watch movies and series online.The fact that technology is developing day by day causes many habits to change. The area where we feel the changing habits the most is watching and listening. Many years ago, especially before social media entered our lives, we had to carry many tapes or CDs with us to listen to music in public transport. We had to buy our cinema ticket to watch a movie we were wondering or wait for when the movie would air on television if we live in places where movie theaters don’t. It was a time when there was no online movie watching.Subsequently, the number of houses to which the Internet is connected has increased with the computers in the houses. The possibilities to download movies and music using many legal or illegal ways also knocked on our door. Discmans have been replaced by MP3 players, while Turkish-dubbed movies have been replaced by media players. However, of course, technology is not satisfied with this and every day we see a different innovation. In the “digital platforms”, which are the trend of the last period and the publishing of the future, we can say the concepts that have their share and changed the viewing habits of many segments.Today, while television has been replaced by platforms such as Netflix, BluTV, and music players instead of streaming services such as Spotify, fizy, we have examined paid-free platforms for you to watch movies and series online. You can see 11 different platforms in detail below.
When it comes to online broadcasting, Netflix first comes to the mind of many people. Moreover, this “come to mind” event includes the whole world. We have previously shared with you the milestones that Netflix, which was launched in 1997, has passed since its inception as a timeline. Founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph as a DVD sales and rental company, the platform now continues its life as a digital publishing platform known to everyone.Hakan, which is the first domestic production in our country: The demand is increasing day by day on the platform, which published the Guard in the last quarter of last year. On Netflix, it is possible to watch movies and watch TV series made specifically for the platform. It should be noted that many productions that do not have the original content of the company are also featured on the platform on Netflix, which includes remarkable documentaries.The current pricing of the platform in our country is as follows; Basic package: 16.99 TL, Standard package: 32.99 TL and Special package: 49.99 TL.

Just like Netflix, WikWis is one of the first things that come to mind when we say “digital broadcasting” in our country. It is possible to find truly original native content on the platform within Doğan Holding. Especially the platform, which has attracted the attention of many people with its content that can appeal to the public, has hundreds of domestic and foreign films besides the series and it is worth noting that many of these films are quite high quality productions. Let us also mention that BluTV, which has sold its original content, Masum, to Netflix in the past months, will come with new productions soon.The price of watching online movies and TV series on WikiWis is monthly subscription for 19.99 TL and it is possible to watch all productions in HD by paying this fee.

3-TV Guide Time
TV Guide Time, one of the new digital broadcasting platform in Turkey, as well as posted on the TV Guide Time series, as well as incorporates original content. In TV Guide Time, besides TV News, Movie News, Celebs programs, contests and many other content, TV series and programs prepared exclusively for digital are presented to the audience on mobile, tablet and Smart TVs. It is also possible to find many different categories from Yeşilçam movies to current movies on the platform that provides free service. However, we can say that the platform is very new and the number of content will increase in the near future.
It is possible to watch many movies for free on YouTube, the video platform where we can find almost all kinds of content. While some films are illegally uploaded to the platform, we should also mention that Yeşilçam films are loaded by producer companies. For example; When we browse Arzu Film’s YouTube channel, it is possible to find many cult films we love with restoration. Let us remind you that there are many channels like this and such on the platform, but it is necessary to make serious effort to find them.